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Station #41

Belmont County, Ohio

Proudly serving the communities of Blaine, Boydsville, Lansing and Wolfhurst.

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This is the home page of the Wolfhurst Central Volunteer Fire Department.  We are a small department located in Belmont county, in east central Ohio.  Please visit frequently for any updates on area activity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Fire and EMS protection services for the citizens of our community in a prompt, professional and caring manner.


Other Information

Dispatch Frequency
          155.760  MHz         
Fire Department Business / FAX / E-Mail
PH:     (740) 635-3192
          FX:     (740) 635-2552
Postal address
PO Box 387
          Lansing, OH  43934
Matthew S. Otto -  Asst. Fire Chief

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